What has been done, what is still open?

 (See original draft)


What has been done
Finding of appropriate provider
Registration of domain norbert-elias.com
Comparision of Content-Management-Systems
Installation of Content-Management-System Typo 3
Implementation of e-mail addresses
Installation of basic layouts
Creating a layout and structure of the website
Apply of Calendar tool for dates


What is in progress
Finalizing the layout
Creating of all subpages
Movement of current ressources to the new website
Building Calendar Frontend

What is open
RSS Feed for Calendar
Current information on Foundation
Creating Backend layouts
Inviting editors to participate
Content of all subpages
(will take quite long)
Creation of index for search form
Updating of Calendar dates
Moving from the current to the new website
And finally Publishising of the new homepage


Still a long way to go.


Problems encountered so far:

  • The Typo3 programming language is quite complex and counter intuitive.
  • Not as much template ressources available as previously believed.
  • The editing options are not as comfortable, as suggested. More comfort and options will cost more money and are only affordable for commercial bigger enterprises.



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